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Crater Lake Loop Ride

November 29, 2013

20130816_133944-PANO The Crater Lake Loop is a spectacularly scenic and at the same time challenging ride.  One I have had the good fortune to experience this past August, 2013.  The best part of the 33 mi. ride with 4,000 feet of climbing, in altitudes from over 6,000 to 7,000 ft. for me were the plentiful vistas.  For Dan, the ride had to be almost 40 miles and 5,500 of climbing, as he had to double back looking for his errant brother, who made the wrong turn!

This afforded me numerous and necessary breathers, as I did my best to follow big brother Dan, fresh off a week of riding in the mountainous Colorado Rockies.

The visit to Crater Lake had taken on a very personal endeavor as Dan and I were tracing the footsteps of our Dad, who at age 18, had been stationed in Klamath Falls as a Marine during WWII. We had B&W photos of Dad and some of his Marine Corp. buddies on a side trip to Crater Lake.  By contrast we had some great pictures of our own as we made tracks of our own around Crater Lake.  Enjoy the vistas.

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