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bikeMS 2013 Team iDentifi raises over $21,000

May 25, 2013

By Dan Wiessner

Another successful MS 150 ride to raise money to fight MS. This was our eighth year as Team iDentifi and it is all due to your generous support. After quite some time of beautiful spring weather, at least according to the locals, we northerners apparently brought cooler and potentially rainy weather down with us.

The weekend was supposed to be a washout with 70% rain forecasted but we dodged the drops and really had very little to deal with other than some wet roads. Actually the cooler weather turned out to make the ride easier for those of us not used to the Florida heat.

We had a couple of “walking wounded” riders drop out for last minute medical reasons but our team of 18 has raised over $21,000 so far this year. You, as a group, contributed $1,450 under just my name this year! Many, many thanks!

The Central Florida Chapter raised almost $667,000 so far although the number of riders was down this year. We couldn’t do any of this without the consistent and magnanimous support from all of you….

Here are a few pictures of the weekend activities. We rode 50 miles on Saturday partially because of the weather forecast (and a stiff headwind all the way) and partially in deference to the lack of training with this cold rainy weather this year. Sunday’s ride was much more fun since the wind maintained its direction making it a tailwind almost all the way.

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