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Mitochondria – how can something so small be so important?

February 13, 2012

From livingms:  One thing I always try to stress is to remember we are not trying to cure our disease.  We are looking for ways to make our quality of life better.  Leave the cures to the medical professionals.  If a change in our diet improves our symptoms, we’ve found supporting therapy.

Ever since I watched this video, I keep thinking about mitochondria.

Even though she uses the word “cure” her message is otherwise excellent.  So I’m trying to cut back on the processed foods.  I may never eliminate them totally, but I think the “trying” is the important thing.  I actually do OK with the snacking part – I’ve already learned to reach for grapes, an apple or a banana instead of the bag of chips.  Because I don’t cook, I’m always going to have a harder time with actual meals, but if I shop more at Whole Foods and less elsewhere, I can improve that area as well (if I don’t go broke first – LOL – healthy ain’t cheap!).

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