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The Learning Curve – The Fall Guy – Published on Bicycling Magazine

September 20, 2011

Some humor from the cycling world.  Check out this article in Bicycling Magazine

the-fall-guy.jpgWith his new bike, our newbie is on the road to greatness.  If he can just figure out how to clip in.

by Colin McEnroe, Created 2011-07-27 14:10

It was a lovely, summery evening when I brought my new Felt Z5 home, and I couldn’t wait to ride it. Jeff, the shop guy who sold me the bike, had suggested I start off with a neighborhood loop as a kind of orientation. I was feeling confident. I pedaled three blocks, and even made a point of veering over to Grennan Road, which has the kind of medium-steep hill I would have avoided in the past. Now I glided up almost effortlessly until I came to the stop sign. And started thinking about my Scary Pedals….

Read the entire article here…

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