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Bike Tour Colorado (BTC) 2011 – Day Four

July 1, 2011

June 22 Wednesday DAY 4 Steamboat Springs to Glenwood Springs

Day Four, because of a cancer walk and another event, BTC is rerouted onto single lane back roads.  It was a traffic jam.  For Dan and Kevin it was an amazing and tough ride.  When I caught up to these guys 3 miles from the finish they were spent.  Thankfully Day Five would be a day off.  Check out the video I took (see link below).  This is  a short video of the ride today from a recently appointed spectator, me, as I made my way down from Steamboat Springs to Gypsum looking for Dan and Kevin.

For all of you cyclists out there this is a look in the mirror, albeit the rear view mirror, as I followed a line of traffic led by a 40-50 ton logging truck trying to avoid cyclists like bugs in a rug.  To put it into perspective, my brother Dan had a tanker truck that pushed him over to the right at least a foot and then when the trailer passed. pushed him back to the left, like a whip saw.

What’s your sign? Mine’s predictable. Click on Thumbnail view

This is the scene from the other side.  I went to an orthopedic surgeon after Day Three’s ride with serious knee pain in the left knee, probably compensating for the right pelvis fracture.  He tells me, I’m out.  Something, something tendonitis I can’t pronounce.  Just aside, the drugs haven’t worked.  Looks like time for n MRI.  So anyway, I’m rider turned sherpa.  I followed a logging truck for over 20 miles that had to control the same aspects of a biker, only ensure he didn’t roll over someone and frankly there were a large number of riders who disregarded all the rules of the road and took great risks on behalf of both themselves and the automobiles and trucks on the road.

As a cyclist, I have to say there was blame to be laid all-around here.  Poor, possibly even unfortunate last minute planning on the part of the event coordinator, BTC, the State of Colorado and the cyclists… who did themselves no favors.  BTC and the State Highway patrol should have been better prepared to discourage commercial (vehicular traffic) .  There were cyclists who weaved through vehicle traffic putting themselves and motorists in danger; even to the extent of riding in the oncoming lane of traffic in a double yellow.  There were drivers who crossed the double yellow to pass riders.  There were riders blocking the lane, often 2 abreast, sometimes three.

How sad would it be for an accident (and I use the term lightly) to happen.  More later…

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