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For Victims of MS, They Live Every Day “Outside the Box”

May 20, 2011
Team iDentifi riders Mark, Stacy, Ali, Court, Dan, Amy and Caitlin

Team iDentifi knows the money we raise for the victims of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a feel good moment for us and part of a movement that is life-sustaining for them.

It’s nice to do something once in a while, like bikeMS, that is “outside the box”.  By “outside the box” I mean doing something special, even extraordinary.  For those with MS, like my sister Diane, they “live everyday outside the box.”

I can’t say it any better than this very “moving” video.

All of us with Team iDentifi want to thank you for your generous contribution.

Team iDentifi’s bikeMS team had 18 riders who rode for a combined total of over 1,000 miles this past weekend…

Team iDentifi raised $26,095 to date towards our goal of $25,000 (7th overall in total fund-raising).

Now for an update on my crash and my personal bikeMS 2011 experience…

First, thank you again for your generous contribution.  I hope to get a personal note off to each of you in the near future.   I think you may have heard I fractured my pelvis on a training ride 5-6 weeks ago.  I wanted you to know your donation wasn’t wasted on me.  I hand-cranked a recumbent bike 53 miles on Saturday. Check out my Garmin recording of the routeI was fortunate my good friend and (secretly sadistic) business partner, Adam Yahre loaned me his hand-crank recumbent.

If you look close at the photo (click on the thumbnails view), yes, I forgot my sneakers!  When you discover this at 5:30 AM the day of the ride you have to make a command decision, me being the captain and all… flip-flops or barefoot.  Biking socks are too expensive to soil ;-), so flip-flops it was.  Plus I had to wash and wear them to dinner Saturday night!

The first 30 miles were hilly, a lot tougher than the last 23.  At times I was doing 2 mph, just short of rolling backwards down a hill!   It took some coördination.  I had to stop hand pedaling or pedal with one arm when changing gears or using the breaks.  The steering radius was wide.  Again, with my level of coördination I’m lucky I didn’t head back down the hill(s).

When you’re using your arms to pedal  and being a relatively friendly guy, I made the mistake (or concession) of waving to people cheering me on more than a few times.  I’m here to say that’s not getting you down  the road any faster.

If I was going to fold my hand it would have been when I made the wrong turn.  It cost me about a mile of cranking away, until I decided there was no sign of other riders.  You see I was a peloton of one, but occasionally a rider would pass that had a flat or was riding the 75 mile route.  So I concluded I needed to turn around.  That was a low point.

Four Advil at about the half-way point and flatter terrain kept me cranking away.  Then rain came.  Actually there were thunderstorms the last ten (10) miles but I figured I was closer to the ground than most and less vulnerable to lightning strikes.   The finish line was very gratifying, the cheers, my team, the beers, more tears and more beers… It was an experience I term “outside the box,” but I have to say once again, I’m back on my feet.  There are thousands of people with MS that cannot walk, will never walk.  They live “outside the box” every day.

I want to thank all the bikeMS volunteers for their amazing support of the ride and the dedicated police officers, who on more than one occasion took it upon themselves to wade out in front of traffic to help us riders continue on our way towards the finish line for bikeMS 2011. 

If you want to make a donation to a Team iDentifi rider, help a rider meet his or her goal, please go here…

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